Roofing Ideas For Your Roof

Any concrete structure, be it a commercial skyscraper or a humble residential apartment needs to have a solid and sturdy roof to protect its inmates from any natural as well as man-made disasters. Quality roofing is essential to prevent any water clogging, direct sun rays and most importantly for security purposes.

Innovation in the fields of construction and constructing material has opened up endless possibilities when it comes to roofing of a building. One can choose anything from clay to metal to shingles, marble, and even rubber. Here are some quick insights into different materials that will help you decide on the roofing material for your house


Asphalt Shingles are the most prominently used roofing material s these are quite easy to be installed and are quite economical for every pocket. However, the biggest drawback of using them is build upon moss on the roof and their lower life expectancy

Metal roofs

Metals such as copper, steel, and aluminum make for good choices as roofing materials. Metal roofs are quite sturdy and long-lasting (can last as long as 50 years). It is quite resistant to natural forces such as wind, rain and storm and some high-quality metal shields are earthquake resistant too. If you plan to place the metal on the roof covering, you must know that it is an expensive option as compared to the shingles

Clay roof tiles

This is another popular material to cover your roof. Clay and concrete are quite resilient and can even withstand the harsher climates. More so they have a long life expectancy. But one needs to consider the facts that clay and concrete are heavier materials, these are quite expensive and are best suited for warmer climates

Slate roofs

These roofs are one of the best material options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the roof, these are made of sedimentary rocks hence are waterproof and can last up to 100 years; however, these are the most expensive option too

Besides the above options, some of the lesser use materials for roofing are rubber, bitumen and even a mixture of bitumen, polyester, and fiberglass. The material used for roofing should not only depend on its quality, durability and pricing but also on the following factors

Slope of the roof

The shape of your roof is a major determinant in deciding the choice of the material used. Materials such as metal are good for steep roofs whereas, for a deeper slope, it is advisable to opt for asphalt or ceramic shingles

Strength of the rafter

If the rafter of the roof is strong, one should opt for stronger materials such as ceramic and tar whereas for a lighter raft, choose asphalt or sheer materials which are light in weight


If you believe in renovating the structure every few years it is better to invest in less costly materials which are easily replaceable

The choice of roofing materials should be made in accordance with the budget and one should be extra cautious about the materials used as a well-laid roof ensures the overall safety and security of the entire building or structure.